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With your tax deductible donation, we can help more prisoners heal. Your generosity can change lives. Please share in our dream. We cannot do this without your help.

We are all potential criminals, and those whom we have put into prison are no worse, deep down, than any one of us. They have succumbed to ignorance, desire and anger, ailments that we all suffer from but to different degrees. Our duty is to help them.

— His Holiness, the Dalai Lama



During the pandemic, over two million prisoners have been locked into cells without visitors or programs! 

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly through prisons and jails, which means volunteer organizations like Prison Yoga + Meditation may be locked out for a very long time. Help us publish and distribute Self Compassion Yoga and Meditation for Prisoners, written specifically for prisoners.

Research into self-compassion practices has shown that when people are kind and loving toward themselves, they become vastly more motivated, are more able to learn, move on from failure, begin to process and heal from trauma, and progress through life with greater ease, productivity, and enjoyment.

Self Compassion Yoga and Meditation for Prisoners encourages and guides prisoners on how to actively dismiss self-negative inner talk and how to direct positive and supportive thoughts toward themselves while practicing.    

Self-compassion provides support during difficult times!  

To produce a meaningful, high quality, durable 250-page book we need $50,000. Each $5 after that will provide one copy to a prisoner (with no profit to PY+M).   

Self Compassion Yoga and Meditation for Prisoners includes 17 unique sequences to allow prisoners the opportunity to practice and progress at their own pace from beginner to advanced. The book also includes self-compassion practices, LovingKindness Meditation, a brief history of yoga, and many other tools for a complete yoga journey that is specific to prison life.    

PY+M is a lean organization that does not waste a single dollar. If you donate $10 you can be assured that your donation will go directly toward helping prisoners cope and heal.    

Read what some are saying about Self Compassion Yoga and Meditation for Prisoners:  

“A remarkable gift, offering the very real possibility of inner freedom to incarcerated men and women. May this book fall into the hands of everyone serving jail and prison sentences who wishes to heal and find peace.”

Christopher Germer, PhD, Author, The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion Co-founder of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy Faculty, Harvard Medical School

 And . . .  

“Toward the end of my 26 years in, I attended a PY+M class, learned about self-compassion, and found peace. To convicts, self-compassion is foreign and sounds weak. It might be the most challenging and bravest thing you will ever do. But if you desire peace and happiness, Self Compassion Yoga and Meditation for Prisoners is for you. “

Leon Campa, Former yoga student at California State Prison, Lancaster,  CA      

Your generosity matters. Prisoners are grateful and appreciative. 

Helping prisoners helps all of society. 

Thank you from the PY+M team and from all of the prisoners! 

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