Promote peace For prisoners

Prisons are places of great human suffering

Our Mission

Prison Yoga + Meditation is committed to bringing trauma-informed yoga, lovingkindness, mindfulness, and quantum meditations, as well as self-compassion and breathing practices to incarcerated people so they can cope, heal, and restore their lives and their families.

Helping prisoners helps all of society

Yoga and meditation give people the tools to cope and heal from post traumatic stress disorder, to discover their true selves, and have the courage to be true to themselves while they are incarcerated.

When they are released, with these mindfulness tools, they are better equipped to rise above post incarceration syndrome, to resist temptations and bad influences, to avoid reoffending, to restore their lives and their families and go on to the full expression of their lives.

Since 2014, we have touched the lives of thousands of yogis inside prisons and jails in the greater Los Angeles area.

Yoga and meditation provide a path toward restoration of lives and families.

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What People Are Saying

This is a beautiful offering, bringing dignity to broken hearts.

Christopher Germer, PhD

Co-Founder, The Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy

I don’t believe everyone should get out of prison, but I do believe that everyone is redeemable.

Sister Mary Sean Hodges, O.P.

PREP (Partnership For Re-Entry Program), Archdiocese of Los Angeles

We believe that yoga and meditation can help people go on to the full expression of their lives and that all of society will benefit.


Founder, Prison Yoga and Meditation

Yoga has expanded my awareness beyond the confines of my usual way of viewing myself and others.


Serving a Life Sentence

Words can’t express how grateful we are that your instructors have brought yoga and meditation to us.


Serving a Life Sentence

Yoga has helped me learn how to control myself and be more patient.


Serving a Life Sentence

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