Who we are

PRISON YOGA + MEDITATION is a 501(C)(3) composed of dedicated volunteers who believe in our mission of healing.

We offer mind-clearing journeys of trauma informed yoga and powerful and diverse meditations so that our students can better cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Post Incarceration Syndrome.

Our instructors give with love, compassion and a spirit of shared humanity. We guide our yogis inside beyond their trauma to foster healing, resilience, and a new way of being.

We embrace all opportunities to teach trauma informed yoga including to “violent offenders” in individual cages.

We encourage our students to defy limited expectations of themselves.

We embrace diversity in teaching yoga and meditation so that our students receive a broad range of experiences.

Our classes offer a combination of challenge, encouragement, and praise.

There are many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of having fun and allowing the mind to empty out completely. This is difficult if not impossible inside a jail or prison, but with yoga and meditation yogis inside can have fun and experience the mental and spiritual release of mind clearing.

We hold special events such as HeartMath/Dr. Joe Dispenza/Neurochange Solutions workshops and BreathWork meditation workshops.

We teach coherence breathing to unite the heart and brain as well as mindfulness meditation and residing in the present moment. 

We share the power of quantum meditation to connect to the unified field of love, healing, and possibilities.

Regardless of a person’s religious affiliation, yoga + meditation can help free a person from his/her physical nature to unite with the Divine within.

We teach awareness of the negative inner voice so that our students can transform and go within to heal and restore.

We share self-compassion concepts such as self-hugging to release oxytocin for a heightened sense of peace and security.

We offer a broad range of breathing techniques that take our yogis away from the stress of their current realities.

Yoga and meditation teach and reinforce self-discipline which originates within each individual and brings rewards such as self-esteem, impulse and anger control, and the ability to focus and accomplish tasks which fosters respect, all of which further life goals and dreams.

Compassion towards traumatized prisoners fosters self-compassion which further promotes healing.

PY+M brings peace to unpeaceful places. Please donate today. Helping prisoners helps all of society.

Your KindNess Matters

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With your tax deductible donation, we can help more prisoners heal. Your generosity can change lives. Please share in our dream. We cannot do this without your help